Melbourne’s Lyceum Club is steeped in history having been established in 1912. The club focuses on providing a sophisticated environment for its members, which includes an impressive dining experience.

The Club has installed the CCP solution across its food service operation to keep a watchful eye over fridge temperatures 24/7. By implementing low-cost automated IoT (Internet of Things) technology, business risk is reduced.

Michael White, Chief Executive Officer of CCP said,

“We’re seeing an increasing number of clubs adopt CCP as venues seek to enhance food service operations. With CCP installed, opportunities emerge to reduce costs, optimise resources and strengthen food safety.”

In the food services industry, food safety is a non-negotiable requirement. From the smallest café to the largest catering service, continuous temperature monitoring with immediate notification of breaches is critical to ensuring food safety, food quality and adequate shelf-life.

Reliance on manually checking and recording of refrigeration temperatures is time consuming prone to errors, and doesn’t help if a refrigeration unit fails after hours.

CCP Smart Tags continuously sample and record critical control points (such as temperature and humidity) and transmit this data to a secure cloud-based platform where it is analysed and transformed into business intelligence. If temperature tolerances are breached, alert notifications are sent instantly via SMS/email. Dashboards and reports are available via web and mobile applications 24/7.


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