With pressure to reduce costs and increasing demand on resources, the healthcare sector continues to embrace innovative technology to drive efficiency and improve productivity. The Mater Hospital in North Sydney is the latest healthcare facility to install CCP’s critical control point monitoring solution to transform its food service operations with IoT technology.

Part of St. Vincent’s Health Australia, the Mater Hospital is one of Australia’s leading private not-for-profit healthcare facilities. In hospitals, food safety is intrinsically linked to patient safety, where people are more vulnerable to microbiological and nutritional risks. With food safety and food quality front of mind, the Mater Hospital’s decision to automate refrigeration temperature monitoring mitigates risk.

Michael White, Chief Executive Officer of CCP said,

“Based on data we’ve captured, 4.9% of refrigerated coolers and freezers in businesses will suffer a complete failure each year. If something goes wrong with a hospital’s fridge, it causes enormous business disruption and can jeopardise patient safety. Automated, continuous monitoring of refrigeration using modern Internet of Things (IoT) technology is a far better and more cost-effective approach for the health industry than out-of-date data loggers and error-prone manual checks.”

Global health supply chains contain hundreds of millions of critical control points, where checks (e.g. storage temperature for food, vaccines and blood products) are routinely performed. Manual monitoring of control points, paper trails and information silos presents challenges for governance, risk and compliance. Secure automated data curation and exchange technologies present a transformational opportunity for healthcare businesses, delivering significant value to their operations.

Mr White said,

“While strengthening regulatory compliance remains a key driver for adoption, customers are using our solution to yield significant energy savings, reduce waste and support preventive maintenance programs. By harnessing the convergence of Cloud computing, IoT with edge-computing, big data analytics, Blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence, CCP is delivering commercial off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions to revolutionise supply chains.”

CCP is establishing a foothold in healthcare digital transformation. The company’s critical control point monitoring solution is currently used in NSW hospitals, ACT Health’s vaccine storage facilities and various aged care settings. In addition, CCP is contracted by a private healthcare technology provider to lead the development of a next generation operating room management system, to deliver major efficiency and  improved patient safety outcomes in hospitals around the world.

According to McKinsey & Company[1], services and technology have become the fastest-growing profit pool in the healthcare industry over the past five years, a trend driven by the significant value creation potential of technology-based and technology-enabled innovations.


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About CCP Network

CCP Technologies Limited – a listed public company on the Australian Securities Exchange – offers a critical control point management system in Australia and North America, and has an emerging presence in Singapore. Critical control points are the points in a supply chain where a failure of standard operating procedure has potential to cause serious harm to people – and to a business’ reputation and bottom line. Standard critical control points include temperature, energy, environment (e.g. air and water quality, pH, chemicals, noise, acoustics and gases) and movement.

CCP captures data using Smart Tags (sensors) and an advanced Internet of Things (IoT) solution which leverages WiFi and various Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) connectivity options, including NB-IoT and LTE Cat-M1 and Sigfox networks. Data is delivered to the company’s big data cloud platform where it is analysed to deliver business intelligence. Customers access this information through Web and Mobile Dashboards; and receive real-time alerts via SMS, email and push notifications.

The company has recently announced its hand-held temperature probes, power monitoring Smart Tags, shipment monitoring and various other solutions to support businesses in the hospitality industry.

For further information on the CCP Solution, visit: www.ccp-network.com

[1] Why evolving healthcare services and technology market matters – McKinsey & Company