The hospitality industry plays an important role in the fabric of every economy. In Australia, this includes over 6,500 registered Clubs who make a socio-economic contribution of almost $10 billion every year[1]. Clubs operate in a challenging business environment, with arduous regulations governing the industry as well as political stability, increasing market fragmentation and consumer choice factors at play. Businesses in the industry are increasingly embracing technology to create differentiation, shape a new experience for patrons, improve efficiency and drive better bottom-line results.

Parramatta Leagues Club in Sydney is the latest hospitality business to install CCP’s critical control point monitoring solution to strengthen its food service operations with Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Home to the Parramatta Eels NRL team, the Club is on a pathway to creating a world-class sports and entertainment precinct encompassing the new Western Sydney Stadium. With a diverse food experience at centre-stage, the Club’s decision to automate refrigeration temperature monitoring mitigates risk.

Michael White, Chief Executive Officer, CCP, said,

“In the hospitality industry, fridges are mission critical. If they fail, it causes enormous business disruption and food quality can be jeopardised. Years ago, automated monitoring systems were cost prohibitive and complex to install. Clubs are now finding out just how cost-effective and easy it is to implement CCP.”

Based on data CCP has captured, 4.9% of refrigerated coolers and freezers in businesses will suffer a complete failure each year. Automated continuous monitoring of refrigeration is a far better approach than out-of-date data loggers and error-prone manual checks.

George Hanna, Managing Director, HD IT said,

“As a Dicker Data channel partner, HD IT was able to connect Parramatta Leagues Club with CCP. Fridge failures can cause enormous disruption to a club’s business and result in significant food waste. Having recently suffered a fridge failure, the Club decided to implement CCP’s monitoring solution to cost-effectively reduce risk. As fridges run 24/7, they’ll use CCP to optimise coolers and freezers to save energy and strengthen food safety.”

By harnessing the convergence of Cloud computing, IoT with edge-computing, big data analytics, Blockchain, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, CCP is delivering commercial off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions to revolutionise diverse supply chains. The company is on track to release its next generation business intelligence platform and its power monitoring Smart Tags in August 2018.

Mr White said,

“Spiralling electricity costs have an impact on every business; particularly those businesses with food operations which rely on energy-hungry refrigeration to sustain food quality. Research suggests refrigeration uses 15% of the world’s energy and that mankind is set to use more energy for cooling than heating. CCP’s new appliance-level power monitoring will simply enable our customers to save money on electricity. We are empowering our customers to make better decisions by making converging technologies affordable and accessible.”

CCP recently used its platform to optimise the performance of a small walk-in freezer. Defrost cycle frequency and peak defrost temperature were adjusted. Changes reduced the power cost from $372.30 per month to $244.13 per month, a saving of $128.17/month (52%). The CCP solution provided an ROI of 570% based on a 24-month contract period.

CCP continues to build its hospitality industry foothold. The company’s critical control point monitoring solution is currently used various clubs, casinos, hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and other venues.


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[1] Source: 2015 National Clubs Census, KPMG