Homestyle Aged Care Services is implementing the CCP Solution across ten residential care homes in the greater Melbourne metropolitan and Geelong areas.

In aged care settings, elderly people are more vulnerable to food safety risks which can have serious consequences. According to the Australian Institute of Food Safety, people’s immune systems tend to grow weaker as they grow older. To underpin food safety, potentially hazardous foods must be kept under temperature control conditions and temperature records must be kept.

Tim Humphries, Chief Executive Officer of Homestyle Aged Care said,

“We are using CCP’s Internet of Things (IoT) solution to deliver an immediate benefit to our food service operations. By implementing this solution, continuous temperature monitoring of refrigeration in our kitchen strengthens food safety straightaway. We’ll also take advantage of built-in analytics to ensure our fridges are performing optimally. This will improve food shelf-life, reduce food waste and support energy efficiency.”

Based on CCP data, 4.9% of refrigerated coolers and freezers in businesses will suffer a complete failure each year. If fridges breakdown in an aged care food service operation, it causes enormous business disruption and can put people’s lives at risk.

CCP continues to build a foothold in the growing Aged Care sector. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, there were 902 organisations providing residential aged care through 2,672 services at 30 June 2017. In addition, there were 1,523 organisations funded to provide home support over 2016/17 through 3,308 services. Substantial food service operations exist to support residential aged care facilities and home support services. CCP estimates food service temperature monitoring market for the Aged Care sector in Australia to be over 50,000 monitoring points.

According the Clean Energy Corporation Australia, health and aged care facilities are among the most energy-intensive in Australia. Customers in these sectors are set to benefit from the introduction of CCP’s new appliance-level energy monitoring solution.

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