CCP partners with Tecair

CCP partners with Tecair

CCP Technologies Limited (ASX:CT1) (“CCP” or the “Company”) announces it has entered into a Reseller Agreement with major refrigeration services business, Tecair to support business development. Under the Agreement, Tecair will sell CCP to their nation-wide customer base, which includes major restaurant chains, pubs, clubs and others in the cold-chain.

Richard Matthews, Chief Executive Officer of Tecair (Quantum FM Pty Ltd) said,

“Refrigeration information needs to be real-time and there is no other way to do this other than remote monitoring. Tecair selected the CCP platform after a long evaluation that highlighted the need for a cost-effective solution with adaptability and customisation when required. Many of our customers want to monitor freezer, cool rooms, kitchen temperatures for staff and restaurant temperatures for customers on the one system with sometimes hundreds of sites. CCP is the best solution to do this.”

Michael White, Chief Executive Officer of CCP said,

“This agreement extends our reach to key market segments where we know CCP offers a strong value proposition. Tecair’s customer base includes several well-known restaurant chains. In this space, we know customers want a true enterprise solution with communication network diversity and powerful business intelligence; and that’s what CCP offers. We are delighted Tecair has selected to partner with CCP.”

Company Contact:

Michael White, Executive Director & CEO
CCP Technologies Limited
T: +61 (0) 412 799 232

About Tecair

Tecair is an Australia-wide business specialising in refrigeration and air conditioning service and installation for commercial clients throughout the cold-chain. Tecair has serviced thousands of sites nationally for more than 30 years and is an industry leader in terms of the adoption of new technology and its beneficial application for its many clients.

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About the cold-chain

The cold chain – which starts at the farm gate and continues through to consumption – is essential to every economy. Refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) underpins food, health, agriculture, telecommunications and other vital socio-economic services. According to the Australian Government’s 2018 Cold Hard Facts 3 report, RAC is the single largest electricity consuming class of technology in Australia.

Perishable foods are moved through the cold chain by 38,000 refrigerated trucks and pass through tens of thousands of cool-rooms, are served and sold through hundreds of thousands of food service businesses and more than 4,000 retail outlets. At least 44% of average household food expenditure (not including eating out) is on perishable food. As population grows, so does the cold chain.

About CCP

CCP Technologies offers a critical control point management system in Australia and North America, and has an emerging presence in Singapore. Critical control points are the points in a supply chain where a failure of standard operating procedure has potential to cause serious harm to people – and to a business’ reputation and bottom line. Standard critical control points include temperature, energy, environment (e.g. air and water quality, pH, chemicals, noise, acoustics and gases) and movement.

CCP captures data using Smart Tags (sensors) and an advanced Internet of Things (IoT) network which leverages WiFi and various LPWAN connectivity solutions. Data is delivered to the company’s big data cloud platform where it is analysed to deliver business intelligence. Customers access this information through Web and Mobile Dashboards; and receive real-time alerts via SMS, email and push notifications.

The Company’s first target market is the food industry, where food safety regulation, energy savings and waste reduction drives adoption.

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