Appliance-level Energy Monitoring

No matter what industry you can think of, energy (power) is a critical control point in every supply chain. With the cost of electricity spiralling, CCP is introducing an appliance-level real-time energy monitoring solution to help our clients save money and reduce business risk.

Reduce the Electricity Bill

Refrigeration is a massive energy consumer. Refrigeration is an essential part of every developed economy and research suggests 15% of the world’s electricity is used for refrigeration. According to the Australian Government’s 2018 Cold Hard Facts Report, refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) technology is the single largest electricity consuming class of technology in Australia. The Smart Energy Design Centre found that for an average US grocery store, 57% of its energy costs are directly associated with refrigeration, and that a $1 saving in energy cost is equivalent to a $59 increase in sales. By using CCP, food business can reduce the electricity bill.

Optimising Refrigeration with CCP

By combining power consumption and duty cycle data with temperature, humidity and defrost cycle data, the CCP Solution provides a unique understanding of refrigeration performance. After installing CCP in a food service business, the performance of a small walk-in freezer was shown to be sub-optimal due to high frequency and high temperature defrost cycling (8 cycles per 24 hours up to -110C). The running cost of the freezer was $372.30 per month. Following adjustment ($180 refrigeration service fee), the defrost cycle frequency was reduced to three cycles per 24 hours and the peak defrost temperature was reduced to -140C.

By optimising refrigeration, CCP reduced the electricity cost from $372.30 per month to $244.13 per month, a saving of $128.17/month (52%).

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