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IoT Hardware, Design & Development

Constellation Technologies is an industry leader in IoT hardware solutions. We offer an end to end service, from concept evaluation, hardware design, rapid prototyping, QA and testing, industry certification and volume manufacturing. We operate in-house from start to finish so it saves you having to stitch together disparate skill-sets and suppliers.

IoT Hardware Components

Key Skills

We undertake the complete design of all aspects of IoT Solutions including electronics hardware development, hardware configuration, firmware and software. Our extensive industry knowledge and experience in embedded systems, electronics and hardware design spans across a wide range of industries, technologies and applications

Constellation Technologies Holistic Approach

Strategy to Scale

Utilising an agile approach, our in-house IoT engineers and product development experts work with our clients to identify all opportunities and challenges. This allows us to develop a comprehensive breakdown of all the required elements and further leverage our existing IoT platform suite to provide comprehensive dashboards, reports and mobiles apps for end users. From low-cost consumer-facing IoT applications to mission-critical infrastructure, our team has the technical and commercial expertise and experience to exceed your requirements and expectations.

Other Services

IoT Systems and Development

Through years of experience designing IoT software and hardware solutions, we assist clients to capture and make sense of this expanding cosmos of data, by Innovating, Enabling and Optimising the digital world to better serve the real one.

Digital Engineering

Digital transformation is at the heart of what we do; helping our customers bridge the gap between the physical and digital world at every point in their operations.

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