Life’s Great with CCP installed

Life’s Great with CCP installed

Mingara Recreation Club facilities are viewed by NSW Central Coast locals as a “life essential”. As part of its vision to make a significant contribution to the community, this club offers aquatic, fitness and athletics facilities, restaurants, cafes, bars, events and promotions.

In a highly competitive hospitality environment, clubs focus on affordable high-quality dining. However, unlike standard food service venues, hospitality operations in a large club is challenging. Under the one roof, clubs offer highly diverse food experiences with menus frequently changing.

Mingara offers some of the best dining experiences in the NSW Central Coast region. Food safety is a top priority. The club has recently installed CCP to support its hospitality business. Implementing automated temperature monitoring takes the guesswork and risk out of record keeping, ensures records are kept for food safety compliance, and provides the opportunity to optimise refrigeration performance.

Michael White, CCP CEO, said: “There are more than 1,300 registered clubs in New South Wales. At every club there is an increasing focus on hospitality. That means refrigeration systems are more mission critical than ever before. We offer an affordable solution to reduce the business risks associated with refrigeration failure.”

CCP offers a simple low-cost way for food service businesses to automate refrigeration temperature record-keeping; and with our wireless sensors installed in fridges, staff are immediately alerted by email/SMS if temperature tolerances are breached.

Web and mobile dashboards provide business intelligence and task management.

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Michael White | Executive Director & CEO
CCP Technologies Limited

M: +61 (0) 412 799 232
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