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What the OMS does

  • Drawing on multiple data feeds from your IoT network as well as other operational data points
  • Integrating and coordinating workflow data with other core operating systems including Interoperability with IoT systems
  • Processing and delivering the information through highly functional, versatile and customised user interfaces

What the OMS offers

  • Interface layers configured for every device
  • Customised deployment, including in the local language
  • Cloud-hosted or server-based deployments
  • Comprehensive record keeping and report generation
  • Two-way communication between field teams and central operations
  • Real-time, informed and calibrated decision-making throughout the operational management hierarch
  • Observational live video and image integration
  • APIs into other operational systems
  • Supplementation of SCADA systems including full dashboard visualisation

The OMS is offered stand-alone or bundled with IoT sensors and live streaming video feeds. We can source the optimal third-party sensors and cameras available globally for each point in your operations for which you require a data and/or video feed as well as design and optimise your entire sensor network. If a new type of sensor is required our specialist IoT engineers can design and manufacture it for you.

Initial deployment of the OMS can add-value to your operations immediately, and a smart application of the OMS features can provide deeper additional benefits such as sustained competitive edge, increased staff and stakeholder engagement, and new digital assets that create deep and lasting business value

Operations need to be optimised and comprehensive digitalisation is the current industry phase to achieve this. Incorporating Artificial Intelligence knowledge layers is the next phase and for those companies that are ready to get ahead we can help with that too....

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