Cost Effective & Rapid Deployment

  • Diverse IoT device integration
  • Leverage a proven enterprise-grade big data platform
  • Take advantage of Blockchain integration capability
  • Rebrand web and mobile (iOS & Android) apps for faster deployment
  • Connectivity, security, control and API features
  • Configure dashboards and reports for enterprise KPI’s

Built on Microsoft Azure, the CCP Platform is used for our critical control point monitoring solution. From day one, we designed this platform to underpin diverse IoT projects. Licensing CCP’s platform offers an affordable way to quickly progress your IoT project.

Diverse IoT Device Integration

The CCP Platform is designed to integrate a wide range IoT sensors; and we can provide sensors for almost any type of data capture application. Licensing options are available to white-label the patented CCP Smart Tags – edge-computing multi-path IoT sensors with LPWAN (Sigfox, NB-IoT, Cat-M1), WiFi, BLE and NFC connectivity. CCP brings an extensive in-house hardware, firmware and software development team to optimise data capture strategies for your use case.

Big Data & Analytics

Built on Microsoft Azure, the CCP Platform is used to power our critical control point monitoring solution. Through our Platform Licensing agreement, it can be used to power your IoT project. With the capacity to capture and process massive amounts of data, our platform harnesses real time analytics to present business intelligence at your fingertips.

Blockchain capability

Globally, companies are looking to use Blockchain to improve supply chain transparency and accountability. The CCP Platform is designed for Blockchain integration.

Web and Mobile Apps

CCP provides enterprise grade system administration, access control and business intelligence through Web and Mobile (iOS and Android) devices. This allows business users to instantly access the information they need to, whether they are in the office or on the go, and within hierarchies to align with organisation governance.

Get to launch quicker with CCP

The CCP Platform is a feature-rich architecture is designed to ingest data from a range of IoT sensors (including CCP’s edge-computing Smart Tags) and it has the processing capability to create powerful business intelligence. By licensing the CCP Platform and leveraging our bespoke solution expertise, we offer a rapid deployment pathway.