All cold chain stakeholders have a requirement for temperature monitoring to comply with food safety legislation and regulations. The CCP Shipment Monitoring solution makes compliance easier and provides peace-of-mind for those transporting temperature sensitive consignments. In the food industry, CCP provides end-to-end IoT-based critical control point monitoring solutions from farm to fork. CCP can also be used in other industries; for example, in the health industry, our solution can be used to monitor vaccine, blood and other shipments.

Multi-path Connectivity

CCP offers multi-path connectivity which leverages diverse LPWAN, BLE, NFC and other communication systems. By providing easy access to data at any point along the supply chain, our shipment monitoring solution is designed to enable customers to prevent failures before they occur.

Temperature, Location and more

CCP Smart Tags are “tapped” with a mobile phone to activate, configure, capture temperature and GPS location data and set way-points. Once activated, tags automatically capture temperatures and location with information presented in map, graph or report formats on the CCP platform. Data is available in real-time and include notifications for any out of tolerance events. Geo-fencing features strengthen the shipment monitoring value proposition

Blockchain for Smart Contracts

Globally, food companies are looking to use Blockchain to improve their ability to through-chain monitor the temperature conditions of perishable goods to ensure quality control and extend shelf life. Our shipment monitoring customers will be able to enter into smart contracts which are supported by business rules for product monitoring, breach alerts, product acceptance and product payment. Our new shipment smart tag complements our Blockchain initiatives.